Core-C1 3D Kitbash set


Main core model made of two parts and 4 additional cores derived from this main core, making a total of 6 variations. Ideal for motion graphics design or sci-fi oriented scenery.

Objects feature a (One shader fit all solution)
- Easy to work with in all major 3D apps
- One shader setup (everything on one UV layout/texture sheet) just apply to all objects in the scene at ones
- Only 4 textures to setup shader (no additional settings required)

Models include sub-material ID selections for additional shading options.
PSD files also included, providing additional shading options.

Note: sub material ID's make it easy to split the model in different elements, for example to use in Video Copilot Element 3D plugin for After Effects.

This package contains following items:
- one Blender 2.8 file setup with textures using principled shader
- one 3ds max file version 2016 setup with native scanline renderer and standard material.
- one 3ds max file version 2016 setup with Octane render 4 (includes ORBX shader).
- one OBJ file for import to all major 3d applications
   (geometry + UV coordinates and textures only)
- one FBX file for import to all major 3d applications (includes the sub-material ID selections)
- one ORBX shader for use in all versions of Octane
- one ORBX scene for standalone Octane render or other plugin versions
- one Marmoset toolbag file (for previewing)
- a folder containing 4K (4096x4096 pixels) textures
  (color, gloss, specular, metalic and emissive mask)
- a folder containing PSD files with layers and UV template,
   (ideal for additional shading options)

Note: The renders on top are made with the 3ds max file setup with Octane render4 plugin, other files may produce different render results.

Feel free to ask additional questions should you have any, at (

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