Hi and welcome to iterateCGI,

iterateCGI is a digital assets store dedicated to delivering quality 3D designer building blocks for use in motion graphics, games, concept designing, film and VR applications. We have a 6 years proven track-record of making customers happy with state of the art 3D content and customer support.

What you find here are:
- Creative inspiration triggering digital assets
- Motion graphics elements/parts (mostly sci-fi oriented)
Medium detail shapes and kitbash sets for the designing stages
Starting points for creative designs
- Game assets VR/AR

To the benefit for:
3D concept designers
Set designers
Motion graphics designers
Fictional interface designers
Game developers

Note: this is an early website launch and a work in progress, offers are fairly limited at this point. Check back regularly to find new uploads or follow us on ( https://www.artstation.com/iteratecgi) to get notifications.

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(info@iteratecgi.com) for general questions
(support@iteratecgi.com) for product support