License Agreement

License Agreement

By gaining access and downloading digital content from iterateCGI (images, 3D models, textures, shaders, brushes, animated files, project files, etc.) you agree to the following End User License Agreement (further referred to as “License”).

1. Rights Granted:
Upon payment of the listed fee you are granted a world wide non-exclusive license to download and store a copy of “iterateCGI content” (also referred to as “Product”) and granted following Limited Rights to use the Product for educational, commercial and/or non-commercial uses.

Note: Ask for written permissions regarding use cases beyond the scope of this License or if the boundaries for your specific project are unclear or not jet described in this License.

If you have additional licensing questions, please contact iterateCGI at ( 

Limited rights are granted to edit and incorporatthe Product in commercial projects involving setting-up digital 3D scenery intended for rendering 2D images or rendered sequences (animation), as in video’s, feature film, educational, broadcast and advertising. This includes rendering to stereoscopic and 360° panoramic video, (see No Rights Granted section for limited terms involving rendered products that contain iterateCGI content).

Limited Rights are granted to edit and incorporate the Product as part of a commercial Game (including VR/AR Games) if the Product is contained inside a proprietary format and displays inside the Game during play, but not for re-packaging as goods (for example, in Game items distributed or sold inside Games or virtual worlds).

2. Special measures:

If you use any Product in video Games, VR/AR Games, you should take all reasonable measures to prevent the end user from gaining access to the Product.

Methods of safeguarding the Product include but are not limited to:

- using proprietary formats/encrypted data formats.
- using a proprietary disc format such as Playstation, Xbox 360, Nintendo Consoles, etc.
- using 3D interactive video streaming technology's (remote GPU servers) such as Google Stadia.

3. No Rights Granted:
- No rights are granted to duplicate, re-package, copy, resell, rent, lease, redistribute, sub-license, give or assign any obtained data from iterateCGI to other persons or parties. Do not share the data with other business entities (e.g. your advertising agency, dealer, subsidiary, parent company, service bureau, etc.). No rights are granted to use outputs from iterateCGI 3D files / models directly (rendered images and sequences) and sell those as 2D stock media products, (a) unless the 3D models or outputs are mixed with proper work/models (or licensed third party ones) and (b) under precondition that only small portions of iterateCGI products / outputs (30% maximumare used in such projects while they constitute only a small portion in a “new scene” (new scene must be build-up of mostly proper work/models or third party ones at minimum 70%”). The iterateCGI products must be mixed, arranged and incorporated sufficiently in the “new scene” in order to be considered as part of a new design / work. If these conditions are met then this license permits limited use of iterateCGI products to generate outputs for stock 2D products (these same rules apply to print art products).
Under no circumstances do these same rules apply to 3D products (3D stock media). 

- No portions of, or any 3D models from, iterateCGI can be used in other 3D stock media products or project files, or be sold as digital goods. This includes real-time VR/AR applications that are not considered a “Game” where 3D content itself is the main value in it, e.g. virtual desktop, VR room extensions, etc. (contact for questions regarding additional terms on such projects). 

- No rights are granted to re-package iterateCGI Products as goods distributed or sold inside virtual worlds, games (virtual goods, in game items, mod-packs, or other types of build packs, example files, tutorials, bundled items, etc). 

- No rights are granted to use any of the iterateCGI designs/Products in online arts or design contests.
Selling 3D print outputs from iterateCGI Products is also prohibited.

4. Ownership:

Any fees being paid for the Product are considered license fees, meaning you cannot claim ownership of any Product, designs or data from iterateCGI.

Do not store obtained data originating from iterateCGI, (a) on a file server system that is directly accessible via the Internet (public network) or (b), other external networks not located at the "Licensed Location".

If you need to store the Product on a "secure" local file server system accessible by more than one user/computer in this local network then please contact to arrange a "network-" or "group license".

The license to use a product is a non-exclusive, non-transferable license and is granted only to you (the original Buyer). You acknowledge and agree that all products, data and trademarks associated with iterateCGI are intellectual properties owned by its original creator only and are protected by international copyright laws. Gaining access and using the Products in any other way or form outside this agreement will be considered as copyright infringements and thereby subject to full penalties according to law governing the regions of the copyrights infringements. The license rights granted under this Agreement will terminate automatically without notice if you fail to comply with any terms or conditions of this Agreement. Upon termination, you are obliged to destroy all copies, data/3D models. The balance of the Agreement shall survive any such termination of license rights.

5. Liability:
To no extend can iterateCGI be held liable for incidental direct or indirect damages resulting in loss of data, business interruptions or loss of profits, arising out of, or related to, software mismatches, computer differences and your use or inability of using the ”Products”;

6. Warranty/Refund policy:
iterateCGI warrants that the products will perform as outlined in the documentation in effect at the time of the commencement of this license and will correct substantial malfunctions occurring during this warranty period provided that (a) such malfunctions are reproducible, and (b) given that immediate notice and sufficient details of such malfunctions are provided.

In the event you fail to provide proof of your licensed products iterateCGI will have no responsibility.

Your license is non-returnable and non-refundable, (contact if you have questions regarding Warranty/Refund policy).

If any of the terms set forward in this License are unclear or you have doubts about correct interpretations, then please contact and ask for extra clarifications.