Tech Greebles set1


Tech Greebles set 1 provides a collection of 3D shapes that can be used for designing technological oriented visuals, ideal for motion graphics, sci-fi scenery or VJ clips.

The pack contains around 90 3D shapes perfectly fit for creating complex greeble scenes. The shapes are accompanied with a multi layer shader (3ds max and Octane) that divides 4 materials with 3 masks allowing various ways to alter different elements of the shader. The shapes are also provided in OBJ and FBX exchange formats and they are accompanied with a set of standard textures for regular PBR workflows and ORBX Octane shaders. The scene also contains some flat planes including a greeble displacement shader (only compatible with Octane render v4) 

The package contains following items:

- One 3ds max file version 2016 containing a scene arrangement of 3D shapes depicting abstract sci-fi greeble patterns, including multi layer shader + displacement shader (Octane render v4 only) 

- Product (Tech Shapes TS2) is part of this package

- Product (Tech Circuits TC1) is also part of this package

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