Tech Circles TC2 Extended edition


Set of 62 stylized circular 3D shapes, useful for motion graphics design, kitbashing and concept designing for sci-fi environments.

Note: This set is the same as Tech Circles TC2 but extended with 2 additional prearranged scenes (see previews)

Texture coordinates are all fit on a single 4K texture space, providing one material fits all solution, (makes it easy to arrange prefabs from multiple shapes and attache them into one singe object and in turn use those to create yet larger prefabs while still using single material/texture). Textures are made for Metallic/Roughness PBR Shading.

The package contains following items:

- One 3ds max file version 2016 containing 62 circular 3D shapes + single fits all shader (default scanline render, no render setup)

- One 3ds max file version 2016 containing 14 prefabs/arrangements made form the 62 kit shapes (default scanline render, no render setup)

- Two 3ds max files version 2016 containing prearranged scenes made form the 62 kit shapes (default scanline render, no render setup)
- Four 3ds max files 2016, having same content but setup with Octane materials and Octane render for 3ds max (renders the presentation previews out of the box)
- Four Blender files setup for PBR rendering in Eevee (includes principled shader setup)
- Four Octane ORBX scenes for standalone Octane render or import to local DB (compatible with Octane host application plugins)
- 3 exchange formats of each scene (FBX, OBJ and Alembic)  for import to all major 3D software
- Two Octane shaders
- Texture folder containing 4K(4096x4096 pixels) Color/albedo, Metallic, Roughness and Emissive maps

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