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3D motion graphic globe animation set (

Package includes a set of animated 3D elements (alembic format) and common exchange formats, models and animations can be imported in most major 3D apps supporting alembic.

The package contains following items:

- One native 3ds max file version 2016, setup with Octane4 for 3ds max (renders out of the box).
- One ORBX Octane4 stand alone scene (animated elements need imported separately)
- One Blender file version 2.8.1 (setup with basic principled shaders and Eevee renderer)

- One FBX file (animated parts need imported separately via alembic files)
- One OBJ file (animated parts need imported separately via alembic files)
- One ABC file (alembic) containing all parts (imports in one go)
- Folder with all animated parts separately in ABC files (provides more individual control)
- Two color LUT’s (color lookup tables “.cube files” for color grading)
- Map with textures 10K, 10800X5400 pixels (including HDRI, environment map and basic color/material map)

Feel free to ask additional questions should you have any, at (

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